Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer League Tournament

So, Sunday was the summer league tournament. I had to be in San Pedro by 9 AM, which was actually pretty easy with hardly any traffic on the road that morning.

We started off our first game with an early lead. In fact, we took half at 7-4. But then we fell apart, letting them tie it up before the soft cap went on. Game wound up being to 9 instead of 13, and we lost. Even worse, the one time it got thrown to me in the game, I fumbled it big time.

We had a bye the next round, then started our second game. If we lost, we'd be done of the day. If we won, we'd get to play for 10th.

This game was actually pretty close for the first half. We pulled away and won in the second half.

And I really enjoyed this game. It helped that we were playing JV's team, and JV and I are pretty evenly matched on the field. Plus he's just a cool guy to play against. Fortunately, I got open and caught the disc multiple times. Unfortunately, I threw it away every time I had it. And the one time it was thrown nicely to me in the end zone, it bounced off my hand and out of reach. I was so close to chasing it down, too. Actually, they sent me long a couple of times, and I was close to having it, but that one was the worst because it was so close.

So we got to play for 9th against another team with some good friends on it. The captains decided to only play to 7 so we'd be sure get good seats for the finals. Again, we started strong, but then fell apart in the second half. So we wound up in 10th overall, up one spot from our 11th seed going into the tournament.

In that last game, I only really got open and got the disc once. Again, I threw it away. I was the only person to sprint down and try to help out a team mate who was almost but not quite in the end zone. He threw it to me, but the wind caught it and blew it out of my reach.

Surprisingly, I had people telling me I'd done a good job on defense, something I never get. That made me feel good.

Now, if only I can build on this momentum and keep playing pick up (that's my plan) and Winter League, maybe I won't feel like I'm starting over come next summer.

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