Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Man, My Thumbs Hurt

This weekend, I decorated for Christmas. And, naturally, that means fighting with Christmas lights.

Actually, it's been a couple years since I had to do that. I started storing them in grocery bags instead of trying to put them back in the box. Not only is it easier taking them out and putting them away, but I don't have to worry about lose connections. And this year started out no different. I plugged in all four strings I put on the Christmas tree, and they lit right up. I carefully put them on the tree. And the last one I put on stopped working.

So I took it off the tree and tried taking each bulb out and putting it back in. That didn't work. So I tried replacing each bulb with a new one. That didn't work either. Clint fooled with them for a while, too, but we just couldn't get them to light up.

And pulling out each bulb really did a number on my thumbs on both hands. They are still a little soar today, but not nearly as bad as they were Saturday night.

I did get the rest of the decorations up, and the living room looks great as always. I love having my Christmas stuff out.

Of course, that night some of my outside lights decided not to work. Just one third of a string. Unfortunately, it's in the middle of my balcony, so it's really noticable. What's weird is, I was looking right at it when it went out. I had hoped it would come back on, but it hasn't yet. And I just don't have the gumption to deal with it. Guess I'll wait until next year and replace some lights.

In other news, Epinions is running their 10 for 10 promotion again. So I will be trying to post reviews in groups of 10, because for each group I earn $10. I am hoping to hit 40 or 50, but we'll see how the month progresses.

And I've gotten a new badge at Epinions. I am now an Advisor in the Personal Finance category. I can't tell you how rediculously happy that makes me.

The weather has been unbelievable here. Monday night, it was cold with a cold wind blowing. It started warming up Tuesday, and it's hit 80 the last two days. Still really cools off at night, but so nice when I go out at lunch time.

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