Monday, March 19, 2007

That was Work

I did more work this weekend then I'm used to. Not work work but actual physical labor.

Saturday morning was a church work day. It was supposed to be for the youth, but it was basically youth staff. We were planting and transplanting stuff around the church mostly. Actually, I enjoyed it more then I thought I would since I love transplanting plants. That's the one part of gardening I wish I could do more.

Then Sunday Kurt and Kellie got the keys to their house, so they are trying to repaint things before they get new carpeting Thursday. So I was over there for five hours helping paint the bedrooms. With the people that were there, it was fun. Although I was reminded how much work it is. I had actually been thinking about trying to repaint my place, but I've changed my mind.

Not that my weekend was all work. Saturday afternoon, I went to a book signing for Steve Hockensmith. I just read his first book, Holmes on the Range and enjoyed it. He's out selling book two, On the Wrong Track. I enjoyed getting to meet him.

And I even brought along a friend. Clint was looking for something to do when the work day ended, and I invited him to join me. He jumped at the chance. We even went down to Santa Monica afterward and walk around. I hadn't been down there for a couple years. Anyway, it was a nice day just chatting.

The one thing this does mean is I got almost no reviewing done this weekend. I really need to work on that if I'm going to get as much money as I would like from the contest Epinions is having this month. I could use the extra bucks.

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