Monday, April 25, 2005

In Which I Am Never Home

Man, what a crazy weekend. I feel like I spent it at UCLA or church. Maybe there's a reason for that.

Friday night I actually was home. Alone, even. I prepared the lesson for Sunday School, watched some TV, including a hilarious Reba I had missed the first time around, then crawled into bed to read for a little while. Of course, a little while turned into a couple hours, but I finished Letter from Home. Let me just say I will be reading more Carolyn Hart and soon. I didn't turn out the light until about 1 AM, which wasn't the smartest move.

You see, Saturday, I got up, went running (what was I thinking?), and headed down to UCLA for the Festival of Books. Met up with Angelique, who beat me again. It's definitely my turn to be early next time we get together! Anyway, we had fun as always. The sky was a little overcast, but it didn't rain. And she let me drag her around from booth to booth meeting various authors. You know, if I didn't try to say hi to everyone, I'd probably have more time to explore the other booths. Got a signature from Sue Grafton. And Laura Levine had just gotten some copies of her next book, Shoes to Die For, that doesn't come out until June. Guess who bought the first copy sold. Yep!

I left at three and came back up here for the youth photo scavengar hunt. It was a walking hunt having to get pictures of the group in front of various things within a couple blocks. I had fun, and I think the kids did, too.

Then I headed south again to the game night. I was bribed when Carol said she'd make Joanne Fluke's strawberry shortcake. It was very good. And we played Life. I'm not impressed at all with the new rules they have for the game. They've taken a good game and ruined it!

Sunday, I headed into Sunday School where I spoke. It went ok. Couldn't have been better, but mostly that was the kids messing around and distracting me and each other.

Went home, talked to my family, wished my brother a happy birthday, then headed back to UCLA. One of the authors whose book I wanted to get was already sold out. But I did get Stephen J. Cannell's first book in his series. And got the booklet from Greatest American Hero season one autographed while I was at it. Ok, so I'm a fan boy. So sue me! Also got Harley Jane Kozak's new book signed. And told Joanne how much we all enjoyed the shortcake the night before. Even talked to Linda (friend and owner of former mystery bookstore I liked) for a little while.

This, naturally led me back up to church for the worship team practice, evening service, and youth staff meeting.

Now do you see why I felt I was one of two places most all weekend?

Today, I met with a student who's looking for a place to live this summer. He come highly recommended by some mutual friends, and he seems like a great guy. Looks like this will work out, and I'll have at least one roommate. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

And, I spent a little more time at All Consuming and figured out their new system. Plus I added more catagories for watching and listening to. I'm trying to decide if I should have one catagory for "Currently enjoying" or keep them separate like I have them now. Either way, I'll probably keep four in each catagory. For now. Any thoughts on what I should do?

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