Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I'd say the response was pretty even. Mom was the only one to come to the door when I got home. As she's hugging me, she's commenting on both my hair and my beard at the same time. Says she really likes my new look. Which brings the rest of the family around the corner, and they all say the same thing. Now I don't know what to do. I'll probably do what I've been planning on all along - shave the beard after the first of the year and buzz my head again at some point. Although that might be changed depending on if our guesses are true and Mike is getting married next year....

Speaking of weddings, had lunch with Donald on the way back yesterday. Great time as always. And, he surprised me by asking me to be his best man. Now I need to figure out what that entails in addition to what I already had to do as a groomsman. :) Still, I'm very much honored.

Thanksgiving was good. It was my family and Mike's girlfriend's dad and step-mom (who was my first grade teacher) as well as Grandma. Boy, is grandma going downhill. And the problem is that her pride is still intact, so she doesn't necessarily listen like she should. Still, it was a great day. Got the Christmas tree up Friday, and Mike left Saturday, driving all the way back to Colorado Springs in 22 hours straight! (Much to Mom's dismay, I might add.)

Going to leave you with last week's Thursday Threesome, brought to you today since I was out of town. (Like that's an excuse, I know.) From The Back Porch.

Onesome. Happy. When you think about being happy, what comes to mind? Is there something that always gives you a smile no matter how down you may be?
Caring comments from friends are guarenteed to make me smile. Christmas music usually puts me in a good mood, too. As does Trixie #3.

Twosome. Thanksgiving. In the US, it's Thanksgiving. But we can all be thankful. Tell us, what are YOU thankful for?
As I've been telling everyone when they've asked, this year I'm most thankful for my condo and Grandma's recent salvation.

Threesome. 2003. It's getting close to the end of another year. As you begin to reflect back, pick out a couple of good things that have happened this year. Yeah, we all have the bad, but today, just focus on the good!
See above!

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