Thursday, December 11, 2003

First order of business. The link to the Brain Usage Profile.

And now the Thursday Threesome, brought to us by Nat King Cole and The Back Porch.

Onesome: The-- What is the "bestest" Christmas decoration in your mind? You know, the one that says, "This is Christmas!"
Does a Christmas tree count? That’s what I love the most. And why I was so disappointed I didn’t get one up last year. And why I have plotted my living room to include space for one.

Twosome: Christmas-- What style of Christmas ornaments do you like to see? Are you a glass ball person? ...or how about that bow thing? Maybe Christmas Muppet characters everywhere? Hmm?
My ornaments are souvenirs from vacations. I’ve got ones from all four Trixie camps as well as from family vacations since fourth grade. I’ve got ones I was given by my school teachers, too. Ones with glass balls or something that all matches looks nice, but it’s not nearly as fun as these are to me.

Threesome: Song--...and your favorite Christmas Song? Is there one that just sets the season for you when you hear it? I mean, even when you're in a "Ho-Ho-Humbug" mood?
I used to say it wasn’t Christmas until you’d heard Evie sing “Come on, Ring those Bells.” Not quite as sure now. Still love that song, but I also enjoy so many others it would take forever to list them all. Off the top of my head, there would be Amy Grant’s “Breathe of Heaven” and 4 Him’s “Strange Way to Save the World.”