Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beach League Week 5

Because of the LA Times Festival of Books, I missed out on the fourth week of beach league, but it sounds like we barely lost one and won the other.  We kept our 50% record going strong this last Saturday.

The first game was a loss that ended at 7-13.  We played well, but not as well as we might have.

However, we came out strong that last game.  Unfortunately, we didn’t keep that going all the way and wound up barely winning the game at 15-14.  But a win is a win, right?

Unfortunately, that game wasn’t nearly as fun as it could have been since the wind picked up.  There had been a light wind all day, but it got progressively worse as the day went on until it was strong and constant for the last half of that game.  As it when you threw the disc, it was more luck than skill when a teammate caught it.  That wasn’t fun at all.  Points were long with tons of turn overs.  But at least we pulled the win out in the end.

On a personal note, I did score one of our points that last game, and got the D on another.  Both of those made me very happy.

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