Monday, April 13, 2015

A Day of Ultimate

Saturday was a day of ultimate Frisbee.  I started out by going to beach league.  We were down in numbers, unfortunately, and several of them were our key players.  We still made respectable showings, but we lost both games.  I was a handler again for some of the points I was playing, and I did a good job.  I’m not a good enough thrower most of the time, although not having to cut as much is a definitely plus.

I was happier with the score I got.  I was hanging out in the back of the end zone because all the activity was in other parts of the field.  My defender got drawn in to other action, and the thrower saw me and threw it to me.  Made my day.

After grabbing lunch down there, I headed home long enough to shower and then drive even further south.  (I really could have called this a day on the 405.)  Why?  To go to the season opener for the LA Aviators.  This is the new professional ultimate Frisbee team in Los Angeles.  Yes, it was a historic day, and I was there.  Yes, just a little excited.

I think nerves got to the team a bit after the first few points because they let the Seattle team get several points in a row.  In the second half, they matched them pretty much point for point, but couldn’t overcome that deficit.  The final score was 20-29.  Still, it was lots of fun to watch and cheer them on.  I found myself calling things I would from the sidelines of my league games.  It’s just that ingrained in me.  While I drove by myself, I hung out with some people I play pick up with on Sundays, and that was lots of fun.

No, I didn’t make it to pick up on Sunday this weekend.  Part of it was because I was so busy on Saturday I needed some time to myself.  But there was another reason, which I’ll talk about later in the week.  (Yes, this would be a To be Continued blog post.)

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