Thursday, July 03, 2014

Decisive Win

I was late to my ultimate game on Tuesday night.  After picking up my car from my mechanic, I had some things to do at home, some of it involved just vegging.  Anyway, I got to the field about 45 minutes after the hour.

And we were already up 7-2.

Yeah, it was almost pointless for me to have gone.  But I did jump in the field once for the first half and several more times in the second half.  I was our sixth sub, almost an entire team in subs.  They had one sub, who showed up about the same time I did.

After I got there, we let  them score a few more points than before, although I was only scored on once.  Final score was 17-11 or 10, depending on who you ask.  I heard both.

Unfortunately, I didn’t real feel like I contributed anything other than run around on the field.  I was never really open, so I never got the disc.  Heck, most of the scores were real quick hucks to the end zone (on both sides), so there wasn’t time for me to contribute much.

Still, after our close loss last week, getting a big win like that was definitely wonderful.


That Loud Redhead said...

A win is a win! :)

Mark Baker said...

That it is.