Thursday, July 31, 2014

Come From Behind

Monday night was a little different for my ultimate Frisbee team.  We were actually down at half.

We were replaying the team we beat the first week, and they were out for revenge.  They started out strong and got several more points than we did early on, leaving us with a 7-9 deficit at half.  Normally, we have the lead by this point, so it was a bit different for us.

But we settled in early in the second half and took the first 5 points of half, making it 12-9.  They got several points in, but we traded at best.  I think the final score was 17-14.  Either way, we definitely won.

I didn't play much that game.  I don't like to go out there unless I have to during close games, and we always have enough subs that I don't have to go out there.  I did play some.  I never got scored on, although the guy I was defending did get a disc a few times.  And I never got the disc myself, but I still felt good about my performance given the amount of play time I actually had.

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