Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Brunch in Downtown Disney

It was a long weekend, and I really didn’t do much.  Sunday was my normal church and ultimate Frisbee.  Monday, I didn’t even leave the condo.  But Saturday….

Saturday, I went down to Downtown Disney and met up with some friends for brunch.  It was the weekend of the half marathon, so Shirley and Doug were down for the 5K.  Angelique came with a friend, as did Sue Ann and her friend Heidi.

As always we were at the Storyteller Café.  It’s a bit pricey, but it’s fun.  We always get the buffet after all.  And that included Caramel French Toast this time.  Yum!

We sat around talking for over an hour after we had finished.  None of us really wanted to go.

And when we were done, Angelique and I did hit the stores to look for pins and ornaments.  Surprisingly, we didn’t find any of either to buy, but Angelique did find a figure of Gus and Jacque she needed.

I must admit it was killing me seeing the people walking around with the shirts and medals from the race.  They’ve introduced a 10K this year and a double dare if you do that on Saturday and the half on Sunday.  Seriously thought about signing up, but it sold out quickly.  In fact, their races are getting to the point where you have to sign up immediately or you miss out.  Camp Pendleton was less crazy this year.  Anyway, I was wishing I were doing it even though I’m not sure when I would have trained for it.

In fact, I’m still debating about the half marathon in town in November.  If I hadn’t signed up for three mud runs in the next few weeks, I might do it.  But I don’t know when I’ll get my training in.

Anyway, on my way home, I took a detour through Glendale and visited with my friend Chris.  Hadn’t seen him in a few months, so it was good to catch up.  He was in the middle of doing the double dare, so I got to hear about how it was going.

I will admit the one thing that wasn’t making me jealous was the weather.  It was hot and muggy this weekend, unusually so for California.  It would have been killer to be out there running in it that far.

Still, overall, I think I wish I had run.


Brian said...

So when are you coming to the Park? Now that off-season is here -- at least until Halloween Time begins. I actually have not been in the park to play in quite awhile.

Going to WDW in January though. Have my room. Have my airline ticket. Of course, it's going to be during their marathon weekend (and theirs includes the full marathon).

Mark Baker said...

I don't know. I'm working full time in Burbank still and don't have a pass any more.