Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for November 24th

With Thanksgiving this week, many shows didn't air new episodes.  Still, I'll have one Survivor to catch up on next week when I get home from visiting family for the holiday.

Here's what I did get watched this week.

The Amazing Race - That was a very uneventful episode.  Yes, all the teams did stuff.  Yes, James and Jaymes finally got a first place finish.  But all the drama over who would get eliminated was pretty much over before it started.  Next week will be interesting however.  I'm wondering if the teams in last and next to last even have a chance of catching up.

Dancing with the Stars - I figured Emmet and Cheryl would be going.  But Apollo was a big surprise.  Since I want Melissa and Kelly in the finals, I'm okay with it, however.  I really want one of those two teams to win.

Castle - The episode definitely reminded me of "Cuffed" from last season, but it was still pretty fun.  Lots of laughs and yet I really felt like there was some real danger, too.  Not that I was worried that anything would happen to Castle and Beckett, of course.

Covert Affairs - Most of the episode pretty much took care of what it needed to.  I enjoyed it, especially Annie confronting the bad guy at the end.  But those last few minutes?  What did Henry show Annie?  And I loved the scene between Augie and Annie at the end.  Not as good as Castle's ending in May, but still pretty fun.

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