Thursday, November 29, 2012

And a Good Thanksgiving was Had by All

I didn’t really intend to leave my blog like this, but it does tend to happen when I go out of town.  And, naturally, I was out of town for Thanksgiving.

I spent almost a week at my parent’s house.  That right there was a change since we’ve been going to Dallas since 2003.  But since my brother and sister-in-law have moved back to California, there's no reason to go back.  We've all talk multiple times about how we missed it.

But we still have a good time.  We went over to my SiL's dad and step-mom's for Thanksgiving day itself.  A great meal was shared by all.  And we watched the George C Scott version of A Christmas Carol one night.  We decorated my parent's place for Christmas.

And we played lots of games.  I was the only one not to win a round of Spiral Down, but I didn't finish worse than 3rd out of 5.  I certainly wasn't setting the record for worst score like I have in the past.

And I got lots of time with my niece.  Have I mentioned how cute she is?  Recently?  Well, she is, just in case you've forgotten.

Unfortunately, I missed Donald and Heather since they were visiting family and then sick.  And it's not looking good for Christmas either, but we'll see how things work out.

And now I'm back in reality.  Two days at work, and I'm already tired again and ready for the weekend.  Sigh.

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