Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 17th

You'll notice that my Friday shows aren't on the list this week.  That's because my family is in town and I'm spending time with them.  I'll catch up on everything...eventually.  And that will mean comments on them when I do.

In the mean time, where's what I did watch this week.

Once Upon a Time - That was a dark one.  I'm surprised they not only introduced werewolves but that they made Red one.  I'll be interested to see how that plays out, if at all, in the coming few episodes.  Meanwhile, whose heart is really in the box and how long will it before Regina starts to slip?

Amazing Race - I am actively rooting against several of the teams right now.  I'm not sure I'm rooting for anyone, but I'm against several of them.  So I was sorry that the one team didn't quite like they were threatening to.

Ringer - So the driver figured it out.  How is he smarter than any of the characters who have been around Bridget for months?  And yes, I get that Bridger hurt Shioban years ago, but it's so sad.  Still, it made me feel a bit more for her.  I kinda want to go back and watch from the beginning, knowing what I know now, so I could figure it all out.  Now, where is Malcolm and who shot Andrew at the end?

Psych - I was having so much fun with the guest stars I wasn't paying that much attention to the mystery.  Okay, I was also cringing at the guys and the "comedy" in this one.  Too much of Gus especially making a fool out of himself.  But I liked the Shawn and Juliette bits.  Those were definitely worth watching it for, and this is coming from a guy who could take or leave their relationship.

Survivor - Switching up the tribes did nothing.  Colton is still in control, just of a different group of people.  Might it work out so the guys are in control at the merge?  We'll see.  Meanwhile, I'll be rooting against Colton.

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