Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend with My Parents Part 2 – The Sequel

This last weekend, I was with my parents again, but this time at the trailer resort they love in Palm Springs.  Not that I can complain about going there.  The pool is so wonderfully warm.  It’s so easy to get into and hard to get out, even when your hands are wrinkled.

Yes, we spent lots of time down there on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday, we went up to visit some friends of mine.  We went to their church Sunday morning and then out to lunch afterward.  It was wonderful.

It was warmer mid-week and definitely cooled off while I was there.   But we missed the huge rain we had at home.  I guess it poured on Sunday.  It threatened to rain, but it never actually did, which we aren’t complaining about at all.  Okay, so it rained for about 30 seconds, but that’s it.

Wind on the other hand?  It blew hard on Sunday.  We didn’t swim that day because of how windy it was.

We also played lots of games.  I won a memory match game and the last game we played of Rummikub.  Lost plenty of Uno and Mexican Train Dominos.

And I got lots of reading done.  Mom and Dad slept in Saturday morning, so I read quite a bit then.  Reading a few pages here and there got plenty more done as well.  I’m making a good start on my Spring Reading Thing list.

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