Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signing Up for the Cozy Mystery Challenge

I'd almost forgotten it was that time of year again, but it's time to think about the Cozy Mystery Challenge.  You can find out all you want to know about it by going to the sign up page.

As always, I'm going for the 11+ level of the challenge.  Six would just be too easy for me.  But I'm not going to list the books I plan to read for it yet.  I'll figure those out as I go along, I'm sure.

Ready, set, lets' get reading come April 1st.

Books Read for the Challenge (link takes you to my review at Epinions):
1. Hot, Shot, and Bothered by Nora McFarland
2. Murder on Monday by Ann Purser
3. Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper
4. Swift Justice by Laura DiSilverio
5. Echoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark
6. Mr. Monk is a Mess by Lee Goldberg (exclusive)
7. The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lillian Jackson Braun
8. Dead Man Waltzing by Ella Barrick
9. Deadly Shoals by Joan Druett
10. Some Like it Hawk by Donna Andrews (exclusive)
11. Going to the Bad by Nora McFarland
12. Hide and Snoop by Sue Ann Jaffarian
13. Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine

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