Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for August 27th

Royal Pains - So we finally know what Paige's secret is - her mom's depression.  And that explains a lot about the character this season, even the comment about how little she was around during the winter.  For once we got to see Evan be smart and use his head (the exact opposite of last week) when he deflected everyone's questions at the fundraiser.  I can understand his anger at Hank, but I hope he forgives him soon.  Meanwhile, the General is being stupid at his refusal to allow Hank to help them at all.

Necessary Roughness - An episode I actually enjoyed.  I loved her kids following her on her date, and the scene where they confronted her was funny.  I saw the repressed memory thing coming, but I figured it was sexual abuse instead of physical abuse.  And is TK actually turning a leaf?  Probably not, but I can hope.  We'll just see how things progress next week.

Melissa and Joey - Well, that was a short relationship, although if they'd aired them over three weeks, it wouldn't have seemed quite so short.  And we get Christopher Rich back again in the second episode.  Meanwhile, Ryder's girlfriend is so annoying.  She's almost funny, but not quite.

Burn Notice - I love it when they make Madeline part of the action, and she was a big part this time around.  Obviously, Jesse job wasn't going to be easy, but man that turned out to be something else with the hostages and all.  I had no clue how Michael would get them all out of it.  Meanwhile, I'm waiting to see how they will leave us hanging at mid-season because it sure seems like they are about to solve the murder.

Suits - I really feel like for the first time Mike is seeing the consequences of the lie he is living.  As much as I love the show, I'd hate to be in his shoes for that reason.  The main plot with the accountant who turned out to be right about stolen money was fun.  And, yes, I gasped at the kiss.  Louis is pure evil, just as a side note.

Wipeout - Really?  We have to have such obvious ads for Aflack?  Of course, I also think that's the furthest I've seen contestants get all season.

Expedition Impossible - Teams one and two I am perfectly happy with.  Yes, I was really, truly rooting for the Gypsies, but I would have been okay with No Limits.  And Fab 3?  I'm glad I'm not going to have to put up with their bickering any more.  I would have been seriously upset if they had followed the Gypsies, let them do all the work, and then sprinted past them at the finish line.


Kiefler said...

I was rooting for No Limits, and thought for a minute that they might have gotten ahead while the Gypsies were lost. I'd been rooting for them a while, and was sad when Ike turned his ankle. I figured that was the end for them.

And I was impressed with their spirit. "I've never been so happy to be in second place." Those guys were definitely the toughest team out there.

Even if Fab 3 had kept up, they'd have still been second (or third), because that box would have stumped them. They didn't usually do too well on the challenges. You can tell from the shadows that they got there hours after the first two teams.

Mark said...

I didn't pay attention to the shadows. And who knows how much of that time was because of the puzzle and how much was because of how lost they got.

The Gypies had been ahead for so many legs it was hard to root against them, and I am usually an underdog kind of guy. But I loved No Limits and their spirit. I'm sad they couldn't have gotten first. Yes, I wanted both teams to win if I could have worked it out somehow.

One of the guys from the Gypies is participating in the reality stars infused mud run next weekend. (Reality stars running along with us commoners.) Unfortunately, it's the same day as the one I'm doing with Stephen, and I found out about it right after we'd signed up. I was expecting that particular venue to have one in October, so this early in September surprised me. Ah, well. Probably wouldn't have gotten to meet him anyway.