Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Great Weekend

This last weekend was fun but busy again.

Saturday was the 2nd birthday party for my friends Kenny and Kathryn's little boy Ethan.  We met up at a park.  It was great getting to hang out with some friends.  The kids seemed to have fun with the pinata, too.

Of course, around that, I was dealing with more car stuff.  My mechanic had found a problem with my CV Boot.  I called the place where I got my suspension worked on a couple weeks ago, and they agreed to fix it for me for free.  I took it in that morning, but it wasn't quite right I discovered while driving to and from the party.  So I spent more time getting it fixed afterward.  Fortunately, that place is within walking distance of my condo.

Then that night, some friends came over to hang out with us at the condo.  We watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and hit the hot tub.  It was a blast.

Sunday after church, I headed down to the beach again.  Dave and I decided with the weather being nice, we had to try the beach again.  It was absolutely perfect!  It was pleasantly warm.  We threw the Frisbee around for a while, then went for a run on the beach.  Eventually, we wound up back at his place where we hit the hot tub before I introduced him to the joy that is Chuck.

The weather is cooling off now.  In fact, we're supposed to get rain starting tomorrow or Saturday.  Guess it's time to say goodbye to nice weather because winter is here.  I'll be okay until Christmas is over, but after that, how soon until Spring?

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