Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Late Plug

Yeah, I should have done this days ago. Sorry.

But there are still a few hours left to enter a drawing for Matthew West's CD Something to Say. Just visit this post at Callapidder Days. All you have to do is leave a post.

Good luck. As long as I win one of the five copies up for grabs, of course. :)


Leslie said...

I wish you had! I've been hearing Motions on the radio and had no idea who it was or the name of the song until I finally caught it on the satellite radio. Downloaded - I may have to get the cd at some point.

Mark Baker said...

I gave you 12 hours. You should have stopped by right when I posted it. :)

I did win one copy. Can't wait to hear it.

Leslie said...

ROFL. Yeah, but I didn't see your site for what a couple of days :P

You'll have to tell me if the rest of the songs are as good as The Motions.