Friday, May 02, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Earlier this week, I posted about the LA Times Festival of Books, but that was only part of my weekend.

The fun began last Friday night when Kurt and Kellie came over. We hung out, ate pizza, watch Lost, and played Sequence Dice with Clint. It was a fun evening.

Saturday, while at the festival, I got a cell phone. Sprint was a "Sponser" and so have a booth there. While the deal on the phone turned out to be the same deal they offer on it in the stores, they waved the activation fee and were giving away bluetooth headsets. And the expensive ones, too. I couldn't pass up a deal like that, so I signed up. So far, I'm happy. I'm even thinking about canceling my land line before I leave on vacation in a week and a half.

Sunday morning, the candidate for Senior Pastor at our church came and preached. I think he was trying to hard to impress us and, as a result, didn't impress me at all. We'll see how he does this week.

I only spent a couple hours at the book festival Sunday afternoon. From there, I headed down to Santa Monica and played ultimate on the beach. It was the perfect day for it. After I got completely exhausted, three of us jumped in the ocean for a couple minutes, then we stood around talking. I wound up staying with one couple chatting until the sun set. It was beautiful. My camera was in the car, and I really wish I had had it with me.

The rest of the week was pretty ordinary. Bible study Monday night, talking to my family Tuesday. Last night, I did go see Iron Man. I had planned to go by myself, but at the last minute I met up with Paul's friend Brad (thanks in part to my cell phone.) We enjoyed it, although it was a bit slow in the first half.

And that's about it from my end of the world. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to pick up from car for the shop. Mainly just routine maitenance, but I did need a new internal air filter, and that was pretty expensive. Surprisingly, I still don't need new brakes. I don't think I've ever replaced them. And with how much they squeak, I was sure I would. But hey, if I don't have to spend the money, I won't.


Deena said...

Hi There!

You're my Jane Kirkpatrick series winner! Stop by the blog for details!!

Mark said...

Yes! Thanks for letting me know. I've left you a comment with my e-mail addressif you don't already have it.