Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Funny Book Review Request

When I started climbing the ranks at Amazon, I started getting offers of books in exchange for reviews. Most of these come from self-published authors, but I have occasionally gotten them from authors I already know I like. Believe me, I jump on those while I normally ignore those from the self-published authors.

Every so often, however, I get one that just makes me shake my head in wonder. Such is the one I got over the weekend. Here is how it reads. (Names changed to protect the guilty.)

I got your name from the Amazon book review you wrote about the 2006 book "XYZ, A Memoir " by Author.

I recently self-published a book on the same topic, "Book Title." If you think you might be interested in reviewing it and place a review on amazon(no obligation of course), I'd be happy to send a complimentary copy if you'll reply with your snail mail address.

Best Regards,
Self Published Author

So what's wrong with this e-mail? Let's start with the obvious. I'm really not that interesting in a reviewing a self-published book by an author who can't capitalize Amazon or but the proper spaces around the parentheses. (Yes, those mistakes were his.)

Now for the ones you probably wouldn't have noticed. I never reviewed XYZ. In fact, the first time I had even heard of it was when I got this e-mail. So obviously, this author didn't do his research/homework.

Furthermore, the e-mail included links to the books on Amazon. Or at least they were supposed to. The link to XYZ worked correctly. But the link to the author's own book took me to a home repair manual with a completely different name.

No thanks, but I think I'll pass on your "masterpiece" if those two paragraphs are an example of your writing style and book.


J. Kaye Oldner said...

I haven't climbed the ranks at Amazon, and typos don't phase me. (I'm a walking, talking typo myself - so I can't say much in that area.)

I have put an end to accepting self-published, but every now and then I'll cave. The last one I didn't regret. The lady had already won two awards and it was one of the best books I read this year.

All-in-all, I feel your pain! :)

Mark said...

I am the king of typos and misspellings. But I'm just blogging or leaving my opinion out there. When I am asking someone for something in an e-mail, I make sure it is correct. That's the difference between all the errors on my blog and that e-mail.

Leslie said...

I think I would probably run - unless it was someone I knew or if it was something that I thought should be out there. I'd probably ask why they were self-publishing versus going the publisher route. If they seemed negative about the publishing world, or bitter, I'd probably run.... but if its something where they thought they'd earn more money, etc... then I might. Maybe.

Sorry to have written a book in your comments ;)

Mark said...

That was a book?

Seriously, those are good question. I just assume the answers and I ignore most of the e-mails.

Leslie said...

I thought it was a longer comment than it really was :D

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