Friday, May 09, 2008

Mini Review: Caught Redhanded

Yes, I know I've done a lot of these mini reviews this week. But it's been a slow week, and I'd like to catch up before I leave on vacation Tuesday, so I keep pressing on.

Today's book is Caught Redhanded by Gayle Roper. (Link=Full Review)

Two weeks before her wedding, Merry Kramer decides to get into shape. That's why she's out running early the next morning. While jogging, she finds the body of Martha Colby. Martha was a local women in her late 20's. So why was she killed?

This is the final book in a four book series, and for that reason I enjoyed it. I loved finally getting some closure to these character's lives. And the wonderful characters kept me glued to the page.

The story, on the other hand, was predictable. I had everything figured out by the half way point. The only surprise was in a sub-plot.

Fans of the series will enjoy this book. But you really shouldn't start here.

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