Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This weekend was fairly quiet and relaxed. I did nothing unless I wanted to do it. Means I didn't get nearly as much done as I planned to, but I enjoyed it.

Friday night, I actually cleaned the condo for game night Saturday. So Saturday I could just goof off until everyone showed up. Kristine made some delicious enchaladas and we played Racko until Konrad and Carol came, then we played Wise and Otherwise. Oh yeah, and Carol brought cheesecake. I still have some of that to finish off.

Unfortunately, Konrad and Carol left for Colorado on Sunday. As in permanently. :( I thought my friends understood they couldn't move any more. I got to have lunch with them and Debbie before they left, however, which was nice.

Monday, I came in for a couple hours and put together a deposit and processed first of the month donations. I just knew that it would be too crazy if I tried to do it today. And Paul moved some furniture into the condo. In fact, the only thing in his room now that is mine is the fan.

Tuesday, Debbie and I went to see Superman Returns. We both really enjoyed it, although it sure is long. I did something I never do and left as soon as the credits started. And there was a line in the restroom when I left.

Then we went back to Debbie's and had a yummy dinner of spagehtti followed by cheesecake and rootbeer floats for dessert. She had rented Failure to Launch, so we watched that and then played two games of Backgammon. We each won one, so we ended with a tie.

I did my normal beginning of July head shave over the weekend, too. (Yes, Faith, I put that in just for you.)

Didn't make it to fireworks this year. Saw a few going off as I was driving home, but not the official show. Of course, considering that I got us no where near the show last year, it was better not to try. I don't regret not going for a minute, but next year, however, I will plan well ahead, camp out, and completely enjoy.

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