Monday, April 03, 2006

Welcome to April

Looks a lot like March. It's raining and supposed to rain for the next two days. Will it ever hit 70? That's all I ask. Well, ok, maybe 75. Or 80. But this is sunny southern CA in April. Really, this shouldn't be an issue now.

Sorry, where was I? That's right, updating everyone on the week I just had. I'm really getting bad about abondoning this thing, aren't I?

Wednesday, I was invited over to Pastor Jon's house for dinner. It was a great time and I got a preview of the sermon Sunday. Yep, went to church anyway. Didn't want to miss it. It was on the prodigal son and how it fits into the culture of the day. It's so much more powerful when you know that.

Thursday, I went to the doctor again. He gave me great news. Everything still looks like it's healing correctly. While the bottom half is scarred over, the top half still has a nice hole in it from when they openned me up last time. It's healing, but very slowly. And I am so ready for it to be done!

Then, that night, I got to lead worship again. The new worship team couldn't be there, so I got to fill in. Even introduced the group to Shaun Grove's "Abba Father," which I had wanted to do since I first heard the song but never got around to doing.

Saturday, it was my turn to host game night. Finally. First one I've hosted in 2006. Something about being sick. Anyway, I spent until 1 PM just lazing around watching TV, but eventually I did get up and going. There were 10 of us, including Angelique; Kurt, Kellie, and Nick and his girlfriend Jenny from church; and the regulars. We played Beyond Balderdash (highlights to come) and had a blast. Plus Carol made the cheesecake recipe but put real strawberries on top instead of canned cherries. Absolutely delicious.

My computer had been acting up, IE freezing at random intervals causing me to have to shut my computer down completely. I had Matt run a virus scan on it while he was there, but it turned up nothing (go me!). But he did recommend trying to free up some hard disc space. That's when I found out that I still had a computer game Josh put on my computer when we were roommates that I have never played. Freed up lots of room by getting rid of that. And my computer ran fine yesterday. Hopefully that will take care of the problem.

Sunday was church (still didn't get up in time for Sunday School), talking to family, and just doing stuff around the condo. I stayed up way too late last night organizing my reviews at epinions. Check it out (look at the bottom of the page). I've got to get to bed earlier tonight, however.

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