Thursday, May 12, 2005

Word Association and Thursday Threesome

And now it time to catch up in my memes.

First, Sunday's word association.

  1. Android:: Not Quite Human
  2. Revenge:: Best served cold
  3. Knight:: Horse
  4. Stranded:: Island
  5. Weakness:: Strength
  6. Greed:: Money
  7. Walter:: Michael (Lost reference)
  8. Dense:: Packed together
  9. Sheep:: Shepherd
  10. Propane:: Tank

And now for today's Thursday Threesome brought to us this week by kids on a road trip (or my mom on a trip) and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Are--Are you planning on heading out this Memorial Day? ...or is it a 'stay at home and chill' kind of holiday for you?
I usually try to stay home on Memorial Day weekend. And that's what I'll be doing this year. Heck, game night is at my place that week. :)

Twosome: we-- ....and who is "we" when you go traveling? Any preferences that you can state here in blogland ?
Usually my family. Otherwise, I travel alone.

Threesome: there yet?-- ...and when you get there, what are you going to do? ...or if you're staying in, what's on the menu? Are you cooking out or just opening a can of tuna?
Excuse me? I haven't planned what I'm eating next week. Memorial Day is a little too far away to plan. :)

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