Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Speedy Update

I have 15 minutes before Lost starts. Let's see if I can do this.

I had a great weekend with my parents. And Mom must have thanked me a million times for coming up, so I think I made her Mother's Day. :) Friday night I stopped and saw Donald and Heather on the way up. We played Clue. The men won games. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a third game because it was obviously Heather's turn to win. :) We also found the best ice cream ever. You must try Breyer's All That and Caramel. Ok, so my favorite is still Dryer's Dreamery's Coney Island Waffle Cone, but this is close.

11 minutes.

Saturday we got together with the Irwins and played mini-golf. Mr. Irwin won individual, but the Baker family won team.

Sunday my uncle and his mother-in-law (who we're close to) came up to visit.

Monday, I came back to the reality that one of the two people I thought was moving in isn't. So at the moment, it's just going to be Casey and I this summer. Which honestly sounds like lots of fun. I don't think I'm going to try too hard to get another guy in here unless it's someone one of us knows.

Today I called a couple places about potential jobs I'd been meaning to call for over a week. One of them set me up with a client right away and I have an interview Monday at 1. We'll see how it goes. The job is in Van Nuys, so it's not as close as I would like. But it does sound promising.

Meanwhile, they changed my job while I was gone. Suddenly, the on-line credit card system is beginning to accept student payments. I've told them before that if they're going to do that, they need to give me lots of notice and we need to talk through how this will work because it's going to create lots of extra work for me. But do they listen? Nope. They hold a meeting on Monday and start using the system that day. They'd better start listening soon because it's going to be murder when I go on vacation next month.

3 minutes. I made it!

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