Friday, April 22, 2016

Beach League Week Three

I missed week two of beach league to go to the Festival of Books, but I was back last Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day – upper 70’s, a stiff breeze but nothing too bad, and beautiful blue sky.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Well, maybe if we’d win a game.

Yes, we lost both of our games again this Saturday.  The score wasn’t super close in the first game, although we all did come back from a 1-6 deficit at half time.  The second game was closer, but we were never really ahead.

The highlight for me was the second game.  Chuck was on that team, and we always have fun guarding each other since we are similar in speed and stamina.  Of course, he’s 30 years older than I am, so what does that say about me?  There’s was one point where I was on defense where he was running away from me and getting the disc at will.  Fortunately, his teammate over threw him in the end zone, so I wasn’t scored on.  The best part, however, was that we got the disc backed and hucked it to someone near our end zone.  While he wasn’t quite in, I had taken off running and was by myself in the end zone for a score.  Something like that always makes me feel so good.

Tomorrow is another day of league, and I’m hoping we can finally come away with a win.  Either way, I’ll be at the beach, so it’s hard to complain too loudly.

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