Monday, July 20, 2015

Rain + Ultimate = My Weekend

Stop the presses – we got rain in Southern California in July.  And not just a little amount, but between Saturday and Sunday, we got over an inch.  I don’t follow weather too closely, but apparently, we had the remnants of a tropical storm hit us this weekend.  All I know, it was warm and the rain was much needed.

But here’s the thing – I had plans this weekend.  Ultimate Frisbee plans.  And I didn’t let a little rain stop them.

Saturday was the final home game for the LA Aviators, the local professional ultimate Frisbee team.  It was the third game I made this season, and I’m thrilled to say we won!  (Okay, so I wasn’t on the field, but you know what I mean.)  It was a pretty decisive win, too, with a 5 point lead at the end.  Considering the other two games I attended we lost, it was nice to be there for a win.

I went with my friend Luke, whose girlfriend wound up helping film the game.  And it was raining for part of the first half.  That didn’t stop the players and didn’t seem to stop the crowds much.  My pants were still damp when I got home, but it wasn’t that bad.

The rain let up overnight, but they were predicting we’d have more rain on Sunday – right about time for my ultimate Frisbee pickup game to start.  We’d already had low numbers the last couple of weeks, and I was afraid that would bleed over into this week as well.  It didn’t.  We actually had full teams with a sub each for a while.

We’d been playing about an hour and a half when the rain started.  And we aren’t talking about a little rain, but rain coming down hard.  One person left at that point, and a couple others left about 20 minutes later to go do some work, but the rest of us kept playing.

It was absolutely wonderful!  We were all out there having fun, and the rain didn’t seem to be affecting our throws and catches too much.  Yes, it messed a few things up, but for the most part, we were able to connect with the disc.  And it was so much fun!!!!  We were all drenched by the time we left, but it was well worth it.  Plus, with how warm it was out and how warm the rain was, it felt glorious.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

It’s been cloudy today, but no rain – at least so far.  Low chance of rain today overall, so it probably won’t happen, but if it did, I’d take it.

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