Saturday, February 09, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for February 9th

Castle – It must be February sweeps because we’re hearing about Beckett’s mom’s murder again.  Actually, there isn’t much forward movement they can make until they arrest the Senator and put the entire thing to bed, but this was a very good episode.  I knew what Beckett would do in the end, but I did believe the struggle along the way.  Well written and perfectly acted.

White Collar – Mozzie as a taxi driver.  I like it.  And I enjoyed the jazz along the way, too.  It was nice to see them go back to a stand alone episode, especially one this fun.

Arrow – I really don’t care that much about the back story, but they are definitely ramping things up in the present.  What exactly is his mom up to?  And Laurel’s riff with her dad is interesting.  I buy it completely and like it.  Things are going to be much more interesting before the end of the season I can tell.

Necessary Roughness – So, I wonder what the new owner will be like.  It will certainly seem strange to have the Pitmans off the show by the end of the season.  (At least that’s where I’m assuming they’re going with this.)  And the show seems to be more football than client of the week so far this half.  I’m feeling sorry to TK and actually liking him for trying even if he is failing.  That’s a huge difference from earlier in the show, and I do appreciate that.

Big Bang Theory - That was a riot.  Penny and Sheldon both being at a loss for words over the same thing was just so funny.  Raj and Howard's mother was pretty funny, too, although I really wish we hadn't seen her walking through the doorway so many times.  She's much better yelling from off screen.

Suits - How did Jessica even form a partnership with anyone like Hardman?  The guy is a complete jerk.  But he makes a great villain.  I really want to know how they are going to defeat him.

Nikita - I don't know why I didn't see the fact that this guy Nikita was trying to rescue would turn out to be a villain.  Still, she and Michael seem to have hope now, which is a good thing.  And I do think they are ready to start working through their feelings about Nikita cutting off his hand to save him.

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