Friday, October 12, 2012

Working Man

I am a working man again, at least temporarily.  I’m at a company down in Burbank helping out with a bunch of different stuff.  That part is certainly fun since I get to experience different stuff every day.  I get tired of the same old things.

And the pay is wonderful.  I’m making more than I was several months ago.

Of course, the bad thing is the commute.  It’s taking me between 40 and 50 minutes one day.  I’m used to my total commute taking that long on a bad day before.  It also means I have to get up much earlier than I am used to.

But the pay is wonderful.  Or did I already mention that.

The hard part is trying to figure out my free time schedule.  I can’t keep doing what I am currently doing and maintain my sanity.  But how much and what stuff do I cut out for a temp job?  That’s the part I’m struggling with.  If it were permanent, then I could make some hard decisions.  So for now I’m trying to cram everything into my evenings and weekends.  And you know, there just aren’t enough hours in those.

Of course, this is coming as the new TV seasons is getting under way.  And if I weren’t interested in the all stars on Dancing with the Stars, I would have a little more time in my week.  But this may be good for me.  It’s making me very reluctant to start a new show.  It really has to wow me to make me want to commit right now, and none of them really are.  Maybe I’ll actually not start any new shows this year?  What are the odds of that?

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