Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for Oct. 13th

The Amazing Race – I always hate to see a team get eliminated because of the luck of the taxi driver.  Yes, even those I don’t like.  Not that I really liked or disliked the team since I really didn’t have time to get to know them.  None of the teams are sticking out to me in good or bad ways, still, so I don’t know that I’m really rooting for anyone at this point.

Once Upon a Time – I love this show!  The way they contrasted Regina slide into evil against her current efforts to leave it behind was wonderful.  And even though I saw the final reveal coming, I still gasped when we saw Cora.  So where has she been? Are they really in the Enchanted Forest And how long ago did Rumplestiltskin lose his son?  Has he been plotting this all along?  Is he really pulling Regina’s strings?  This is getting interesting.

Dancing with the Stars – Double elimination, and two former champs are gone.  Yes, part of that is because of how tough the competition is this season.  Everyone knows how to dance, and it shows.  But I wonder if the voting is along my lines.  These guys already won, so let’s give some of the runners up a chance.  Not that I have a problem with the former champs being on here.  This truly is an all star season with some very strong dancers on here.  Having said that, I wonder how much longer Bristol and Kirsty can hide.  I do think they are the weakest of the lot.

Castle – Love it!  The little moments made this episode so much fun.  And the flirting that Castle and Beckett have always done takes on a new tone with them being in a relationship.  I actually like the fact that Martha was the first one to figure out about them, too.  She’s smarter than she lets on.  And that handshake was the hottest handshake I’ve ever seen.  The sub-plot with Gates was funny if a big plot hole (Castle didn’t need to break the dolls because they weren’t broken to hide the things in them in the first place).  Oh yeah, there was a decent mystery here, too.

Survivor - The learning streak continues.  I get Russell's frustration, but his outburst was fast forward worthy.  I'll be interested to see what happens to the two people left next week.  Merge with other teams.  Keep them by themselves?  Very interesting.

Arrow - An interesting pilot.  I was expecting more on the island, but I guess we'll be seeing that in flashbacks.  There is certainly potential here.  I'll be back next week, but it's not a keep yet.

The Big Bang Theory - I'm ready for Howard to be home.  I hope that's the plot of the next episode.  In other news, this new assistant could be a fun character.  I wonder what Penny will think when this is all over long term.  At least I believe she's around for several episodes.

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