Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for January 8th

Things are coming back already.  I sure thought that most shows didn't start until the second or third week of January.  Anyway, there were some pretty good episodes.

Castle - Ever since I heard they were going to do an episode where we met the actor playing Nikki Heat was going to show up, I have been looking forward to it. It surpassed every single one of my expectations. It was absolutely hilarious as it mocked Hollywood turning books into movies and the entire process. I loved Castle's reactions to things. Beckett's increased freaking out as the actress continued to nail her was great as well. Plus they really advanced the romance between Beckett and Castle in some nice ways. By far, my favorite episode of the show this season (or possibly ever).

No Ordinary Family - I was glad to be seeing the Powells again, but overall I was disappointed with the episode. I pretty much called all the twists a scene or two before they happened. Still, I'm very interested to see next week's episode. I have a feeling that Katie is going to be in for an emotional rollercoaster, and a well earned one, too. That will be the B story once again, but it will probably be the most interesting part of the show.

V - Talk about coming back with a bang. I didn't remember for sure everything that was happening, but the writers managed to bring back all the plots in ways that made sense. This thing with Tyler and Erica being messed with seems a little forced, but I will have to learn to live with it since that is obviously going to be a big storyline in the future. I was glued to the screen for the entire episode and it felt like an hour hadn't passed by at all. Definitely looking forward to next week.

Wipeout - "I'm on TV and America is going to watch me get hurt." That may be the line of the show for me. I was laughing so hard. That sweeper ski lift looked brutal, as did those "snowflakes" at the end. Yeah, I think I'm glad I didn't get a call back to be on the show. It would be hurt and embarrass myself. I'll just stay on my couch, laugh at these people, and then do mud runs.

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon was a royal pain in the neck in this episode. I absolutely loved it! I was laughing so hard at several of the scenes, especially Sheldon speaking sarcasm. And he and Penny going back and forth in the tag about being bored was also pretty good. Yes, I have definitely found myself a sitcom to watch that is very funny.

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