Monday, October 18, 2010

Now, To Spend the Week Recovering

I can't believe I'm back at work on a Monday already.  This weekend just flew by.  I was way too busy.  And I wouldn't change a thing about it.

It all started Friday night.  The college where I work is putting on The Mousetrap right now.  So I went to see it with one of my roommates and a mutual friend.  They guessed the killer at intermission.  Someday, I want to see it with someone who doesn't guess the killer early.  I feel like such an idiot since I missed it the first time around.  Anyway, we all really enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, I tried to sleep in some, but it didn't work.  I got up and headed down to our ultimate Frisbee game.  We got trounced 3-10.  It has really cooled down, so it was a bit on the chilly side, but we warmed up quickly when we started running.

I actually had a couple of hours at home before a wedding.  A friend I've had for years got married Saturday afternoon.  Of course, I was there.  It was a nice wedding, too.

I raced home from that and introduced my roommate Luke to The Stockmarket Game.  He would have beaten Daniel and I except he had to leave.  That just meant that Daniel could beat me.

Then Daniel and I went to hang out with a group of my friends.  I haven't hung out with these guys for months, so it was really great to see them and find out what's happening with them.  We hit the hot tub and then played a card game.

That's just Saturday!

Sunday started with church.  I was moving slowly in the morning, but was perfectly on time for a 8:30 church service.  The problem?  Church starts at 8.  But I made it for the sermon.

After church, I headed down to my new friend Dave's place.  We had been planning earlier in the week to hit the beach, but Sunday turned out to be a very overcast day with lots of mist.  We talked about going to a movie, but ultimately made our way to the beach.  We threw a frisbee around for about an hour or so, and ultimately jumped in the water for a couple of minutes before we left.  When we got back, he hit his spa.  It felt wonderful!

Finally, I ended my weekend with guy's night at Joe and Erica's.  We watched Tron this week, which I enjoyed more than I remembered liking it.  Hung out talking forever afterwards.  It was a great ending to a great weekend.

Of course, now, I'm tired.  I was planning to get up and run two miles before work this morning.  Didn't quite happen.  And since my ultimate Frisbee game got canceled on account of "rain," I'm going to need to go home and run those miles tonight before I talk to my family.


Kiefler said...

I'm glad to see you've continued the tradition of introducing your roommates to the game I introduced you to, so that they can beat you at it...

Like I do.


I think its awesome that you love the game despite the fact you lose so often.


(p.s. I also think its awesome that the captcha I have to type to verify my post is "hernia".)

Mark said...

Actually, I normally beat Daniel at the game. But Saturday night, I couldn't get money to start at all. I was on 5 and 9, and both of them started well before me.