Saturday, September 04, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for September 4th

Things are definitely winding down on the USA Network as the summer draws to a close.  I guess it's time to start thinking about fall TV and what the networks will have in store for us.  But in the mean time, I'll start with last week's summer finales, as promised.

Burn Notice - I have to wait until November to find out what happens next? Seriously, that was a great ending. I don't know who to believe about who burned Michael and why. Is he working with the bad guys or the good guys? And will I even remember all that come November? Meanwhile, I am glad they kept Jesse mad at Michael and company. Obviously, I think Michael is in the right here (although being up front with Jesse when they realized they'd burned him would have been smart). But I would have been pretty upset if they had just glossed over that plot point in one episode.

Royal Pains - I have to wait until January? I was wondering what kind of cliffhanger they'd come up with, and I liked what they did. Yes, there was a life in the balance, but it was from a medical condition. That feels like part of the show. Plus it wasn't one of the main characters. Speaking of which, I was expecting Hank and Evan to be kicked out of Boris' over whatever Eddie was doing. I'm glad that wasn't the case. Still, this will put a wrinkle in their relationship. And I'm wondering what Divya will decide to do with her romantic life. Is this how they are going to keep her on the show? I was surprised that Emily Peck wasn't around this week since they usually try to have all the characters/storylines in finales on USA Network shows, but there was so much going on, I can understand why she got left out. Yep, another great episode.

Melissa and Joey - So I learned something about myself. I do much better at overt sex in a sitcom than I do with double meanings. I don't know what that says about me, but I also don't think I want to know.

White Collar - I've got to admit, I was a little disappointed with this one. The main story was too easy and obvious. I was expecting some kind of good twist in there. The Mozzie/Diana scenes really helped. They were hilarious. I am so glad that Neal and Peter are working together on Kate's death. I totally called the blackout as they opened the music box, however. Next week's episode is going to be very interesting.

Wipeout - So, was tonight's episode a way to make sure a woman won Wipeout at some point this season? I don't remember them having an all women episode before. I honestly thought all the stuff with the contestants was filmed before hand and they just recorded the two Johns in the studio much later. Tonight seems to contradict that since they were continuing the same jokes when Jill was in the studio. Also, she does much better at interviewing and delivering lines on the ground than in the studio. She really seemed wooden for that segment.

Covert Affairs - They finally really did something with the Ben storyline. And I'm more confused then ever. I want to know what's really going on there. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what was up with that date. Why did Annie take what's his face from the office home for a BBQ? Did I miss something one week or was that out of left field to anyone else? Oh, and I'm completely over Ben. She needs to move on with either of the work guys.

Psych - I am sensing a theme this season. They have lots of episodes where it's Shawn trying to solve a case before an outsider does. And I've got to admit they are doing a good job of it. Tonight's episode was once again funny with some great twists. I really had to clue where everything was going until the very end. Can't believe we're at a summer finale on this show next week as well.

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