Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winter League Tournament

So, Sunday was the make up tournament for this year's winter league. I wish I could say it was a good time.

The biggest problem was the field, and I use the term loosely. It was half dirt. And it was very small. We wound up playing on a smaller than normal field as a result. Only 2/3 of the teams were actually there. I don't know how we would have gotten all of them in if all the teams had been there.

My team went 2-1 on the day. That's two forfits and one loss. We found out about that first forfit at 6AM Sunday morning when we had to be there at 9. I do think most of us found out about it and crawled back into bed. I know I did. Didn't sleep, but I still got some rest. After all, we had just lost that hour.

But the biggest problem of the day was the wind. It was howling in the morning when we were trying to play. The final score on our game was 5-9, but most of those points could have gone either way. There was more luck then skill involved.

Even so, I had a lot of fun with that game. They were exactly guarding me closely, so I was able to get the disc quite often. And I felt like I was contributing on defense as well. We played zone quite a bit, and I was in a position that requires lots of running. I was very rarely tired or winded when the point ended. All this running I've been doing in definitely paying off.

And my calf, which had been bothering me all week, wasn't bothering me afterward. Unfortunately, it started back up yesterday.

We had a bye after that game, then we found out the other team had been drinking and didn't have enough to play. If we'd known earlier, I would have liked to leave earlier and get other stuff done. But as it was, when we found out I hung out talking to my teammates for an hour or two. I guess I was hoping to still play more somehow.

Because of the forfits, we did finish 3rd overall in our bracket. But it wasn't the best end to the season. Hopefully, the weather will be nice for the St. Pat's Hat tourney this weekend.

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