Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Last Friday's Ultimate Game

I was going to call this the end of winter league. Our tournament was supposed to be this last Sunday, but they canceled it because of the rain on Saturday. Ironically, Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. But it looks like they've rescheduled for this coming Sunday, meaning this weekend is going to be very hectic. Again!

Anyway, last Friday was our final regular season game. I'd love to say we finished with a win, but I don't like to lie on my blog. Instead, I'll say that we had fun playing together, then went out to a bar afterward. I didn't leave until after midnight. (Don't worry, I just had water on the rocks.)

But here's what I really wanted to comment on. I was the fastest I have been in a long time out there. I was keeping up with my guy fairly easily. I still got scored on, but it was due to positioning and not me being a ways behind. Even my team mates were commenting on it. It felt so good, too.

Unfortunately, I am taking this week off from running. I'm hoping to get my calf to heal before the final push for the April mud run (one month, one day to go.) But with this time off, we'll have to see how I do on Sunday.

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