Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arriving Launches

Yep, another busy weekend under my belt. I guess I'm alternating between the busy and the boring this month. Next month I'll be out and about every weekend.

But those are other posts.

Friday night, I went over to Joe's for a career group BBQ. It turned out to be just Joe, Christina, and I, but we had a great time talking and eating until almost midnight. We did take a break in there to watch Princess Bride.

As I already mentioned yesterday, Saturday I was off to the launch party for Cream Puff Murder. I have never seen Mysteries to Die For that crowded. It was honestly hard to turn around, much less walk into the story and buy the book or get it signed. I met Angelique there, so we got a chance to talk. Also got to talk to Laura Levine and her husband for a few minutes.

Saturday night, I headed down to the local theater company to catch their production of High School Musical. (Yes, I like it that much.) It was enjoyable for a community production. Some noticable changes and a couple new songs. All told, it was plenty of fun.

When I got out of the play, I had a text message (yes, I had turned down the volume) letting me know that my friends Kurt and Kellie had their baby. So Sunday after church I went down with Kenny and Katherine (and Ethan) to see them. There was quite a crowd around. Kellie wound up having a c-section, but she and Wes seemed to be doing well.

When I got home, I crashed. I hadn't intended to, but after a chapter of my book, I fell asleep and dozed for an hour or two. Then I got plenty of reading done. It was nice to just relax some.

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