Thursday, February 12, 2009

200 Years

I've seen several mentions of it elsewhere, but I want to mention it here as well. It was 200 years ago today that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Illinois.

I can't imagine how our country would be today without his four years as President. He led us during a very difficult time and never got to reap the benefits of what his determination had brought.

I don't say this lightly, but I do believe that God brought him to our country to lead us through the Civil War.

So thank you, Mr. President, for your leadership and having the courage of your convictions. We have strayed far from the example you set and need more politians with your character.


Kiefler said...

I saw a news article that I found somewhat ironic. Today is also the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin.

Matt said...

Yeah, for some reason at work we've been thinking about Darwin's birthday...;-) But I didn't realize until fairly recently that they were born on not only the same day, but the same date. They had such a different impact on history...