Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mini Review: Mr. Monk Goes to Germany

Rushing to get these in brings us to Mr. Monk Goes to Germany, the newest tie-in novel by Lee Goldberg.

Set in the middle of season six, this book finds Monk trying to deal with life after Dr. Kroger decides to take a week's vacation to attend a conference in Germany. When he can't do it, he follows Dr. Kroger to a small town where he has a chance run in with a man who might hold the key to his wife's murder.

The book started off a little slow as we spent way too long setting up the story. Once it got going, however, things picked up quickly. The story moves forward well at this point, and there are several emotional scenes that are very well done. Plus the characters are great as always.

The book isn't out for another two weeks, so watch for it then.

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