Monday, May 21, 2007

And the Winner is...

This weekend was the second annual employee picnic here at work. Like last year, they had softball, volleyball, kid's games, and food. They added a petting zoo, dunk tank (for the VP's and another couple volunteers. No, I wasn't one of them), and a pie baking contest.

As soon as that was announced, I knew I wanted to participate. The categories were best looking, best tasting, and best made entirely by a guy. I had to participate.

I debated a little, but quickly decided to make Joanne Fluke's Key Lime Pie. For one thing, it was the only pie I've made recently, so I knew I could do it. For another, as Bonnie and Angelique pointed out, it was a bit more exotic then normal, so it would stand out more.

So, after planning this for weeks, Friday was the day I actually planned to make the pie. I grabbed my recipe card and set off for the grocery store after work, only to discover that they didn't have any key limes! Fortunately, I looked around a little and discovered they had just moved them. Crisis #1 averted.

Making the pie went fine. Although it takes forever to juice those dang key limes. That was the hardest part of the recipe.

We had a youth activity Friday night that I planned to show up late for, so as soon as I took the pie out of the oven, I headed out the door. When Clint and I got back a couple hours later, I discovered that the meringue on top had slid some, leaving one area exposed. And it had hardened, so there was nothing I could do about it. I stuck it in the fridge and went to bed.

Saturday morning, I was feeling rather discouraged. But there was nothing I could do, so I took the pie and headed for work. When I got there, I discovered that someone else had made a key lime pie. And it was a guy. Some much for being unique. I had direct competition. That just made me feel worse.

When judging time actually came, I hung out at the booth and evasdropped on the judges. From what I could tell, they were seriously considering my pie, but decided to go with an apple pie. I was actually thrilled to settle for second place (not that I'd get a ribbon or anything).

Then they announced the winners. They did the guy category last. To my shock, they mentioned the apple as the runner up. And I won!

Of course, I was thrilled. Granted, I have to give credit to Joanne Fluke since I just followed her recipe. Guess the problems I thought I had weren't important after all.

There were 8 pies made by guys, so it was stiffer competition then I expected. And the person we thought would win didn't have time to do anything but throw things together at the last minute. Still, I am quite happy about this. Guess this means I need to bake more.

Clint would certainly agree.

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