Friday, October 14, 2005

I Don't Have a One Track Mind

Tomorrow is annual Disney Day from the college. Of course I'll be at Disneyland from 8 AM to Midnight. And this year I'm going with Angelique, Casey, Debbie, and Matt. I so can not wait!

Last week, I started posting my reviews over at epinions as well. I'm really not sure how it's going. Reviews certainly get votes on them, but I've been getting quite a share of Somewhat Helpful votes. See, they have four levels, Very Helpful, Helpful, Somewhat Helpful, and Not Helpful. I haven't gotten any of those last ones yet. They also allow comments. Some have been helpful. Some haven't.

In the non-helpful comment is this one from the new VeggieTales Christmas CD. "I'm glad you can tell us about the characters, but what do they sound like?" Um, adults doing cartoon character voices. From a different person but along the same lines on a regular CD, "I'm happy you can tell us about each song, but what does it sound like?"

See, one thing I've found is that they list new reviews, so you're going to get people reading the review who has not looked up the product. I'm not used to this, but trying to keep it in mind. Still, it seems rather crazy to me to be reading a review of an item you don't have any interest in already. Seems like a waste of time if you ask me. But then again, they didn't.

It is frustrating when I work like crazy to write a great review and have it barely make Helpful. I wonder if it's because I have a "new" tag next to my name. It might be "I don't want to give too many very helpfuls to someone their first month here." It might also be because they like long reviews over there. As in, if I hit 400 words, I'm winding down, but most people are just warming up at 1000. This isn't a homework assignment. And if I start talking about too much more, then I'll start giving away plot points.

So I'm trying to determine if the problem is my reviewing style doesn't fit there or if it's a pride issue or some of both.

And just when you thought I'd stop blogging about reviewing. :)

Have I mentioned tomorrow is Disney Day?

Not much else has been going on in my life. That wasn't a complaint. That was bragging. :)

I forget to turn the timer on on the VCR last night, so I only got to see the last 20 minutes of Alias. And, since I was recording for a co-worker, that's all she will get to see, too. :(

Tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland!!!

We did a couple songs we don't do that often at youth group last night. As always, rehersal went just fine, but we had technical difficulties during the actual worship time. Oh well, I want to mix those songs in more.


I've been listening to some of my Disney songs all afternoon to get myself in the Disney mood, and a co-worker just noticed. :)

This is a college view weekend here at the college, so maybe I'd better go so I can get dinner before it becomes too crowded and it takes me hours to get it. Of course, I have Bible study tonight so I'm not actually leaving campus until 7:20 or so.

Speaking of college view, one of the guys from a message board a friend set up is here this weekend checking out the college. Stopped by for a minute so we could meet face to face. That was nice.

I won't update tomorrow. Why? I'm going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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