Monday, October 17, 2005

The Disneyland Report

Saturday was a wonderful day.

Of course, it started way too early. How can getting to a place an hour away mean getting up so early?

Picked up Debbie a little later then we had planned. Then we weren't sure how to best get on the 5 from there, so we pulled off the road to find out. By the time we did all that, it was 8:15 by the time we got there, but Angelique was waiting for us. We went into the park and got started on the day's fun. Angelique and I went to Peter Pan's Flight while the others went to Star Tours. Then we met up for the new Buzz Lightyear attraction. You know, it's quite fun. Of course, if my aim were better, I would do better.

Everything was open this time around, so we got to do everything. Or attempt to do everything. It was crowded! Of course, I heard some people talking about this being the end of Fall Break, so that probably explains it. It was wonderful to ride Space Mountain again. It just didn't seem different enough to be closed for two years. And everyone let me drag them on Small World. Plus I got Dole Whip against after missing out on it for two years.

My biggest disappointment actually had to do with shopping. I wanted to get more stuff having to do with the 50th Anniversary. I did get one ornament. But I was eyeing the golden Mickey ears. Plus I actually looked at the pin collection, and I so want several of those, including some 50th anniversary stuff. Matt also wanted to spend more time shopping then we did. I had figured we could shop after midnight because stores are open later. We'd just go to the big Disney store at Downtown Disney. Yeah, the one that isn't open past closing. Which we discovered after leaving the park. But we were all so tired it was probably for the best.

Yesterday, I spent the day trying to recover. After the long hours (got home at 2 AM) and not sleeping well too nights in a row, I was a little tired. Did sleep through both church services and attended the SAYF. Still, I wasn't feeling well, so I took my temp last night. I was running a slight fever.

Naturally, I turned off my alarm clock and slept in this morning. I've now spent the rest of the day trying to get my tempurature back up to normal. It was probably just exhaustion, but I think staying home was the best idea possible. Tomorrow I should be back to work no problem.

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