Wednesday, August 05, 2015

We Got a Second Win*

We had another ultimate Frisbee game last night.  You’ll notice that asterisk up there again.  Yep, it was a win.  And we made it to 15 this time.  But the final score?  Well….

See, there’s the things.  Between the two teams, no one was keeping a close track of the score.  I know when I got there late, it was 3-0.  They started to make some points as well, and it was 8-5 at half.

It was the second half where the score completely got away from us.  At one point, I thought the sidelines had agreed it was 11-9 us.  But a few points later, they were claiming it has been 10-10 and, since we’d just scored, it was 11-10.  While the sidelines was talking about it, we scored again, and then the captains met to really talk about it.

While they were talking, the sprinklers came on, so we moved the field.  It was finally decided that we’d settle the score at 14-11, which felt closer to what it was to me.  And we got the final score, meaning, if our score was at all accurate, we won.  Or, if others on our team were right about the score, we won 16-11.  At this point, who knows, right?

I didn’t play much last night.  Maybe there’s a connection there?  With the low number of subs we had, I probably should have played more.  But darn it, everyone out there is so much better than I am, I don’t want to risk being the weak link.

We’ve got another game this Friday.  Hopefully, we can get one decisive win in one way or the other.  And I think I might actually keep close track of the score, too.

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