Friday, February 13, 2015

Shut Out

Monday night’s game was by far our worst game to date.  We got completely shut out.  As in 0-15 was the final score.

This was also the windiest game we have faced to date, and we just couldn’t put it together.  We had throws going wild or coming in too quickly.  We had plenty of opportunities to score, but we just couldn’t capitalize on them.

Because there were so few points, even though we were down several players, I played fewer points than I have the last few weeks.  And since we were down several key players, I think that was one reason we wound up doing so poorly.

But I was able to car pool with Billy, and I enjoyed that part of the evening.  Plus I was home in time to watch Castle Monday night instead of waiting until Tuesday.  See, silver linings in everything.

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