Tuesday, September 02, 2014

You Can’t Fool Me

There is no way that was a long weekend.  I feel like it was just Saturday, and then I was back to work.  Imagine how I would have felt if it were a normal weekend.

Maybe if we review why it was so busy.

Saturday morning, I went out and bought a new laptop!  And a printer!  I haven’t had a printer at home for years.  I’ve been limping by with the library, but I’m going to like having a printer at home again.  Of course, that was a lot of money.  I’m really banking on this new job working out between the clothes I’ve bought and the new computer.  Of course, that did then take up time transferring over files and the like.  My old computer was from December of 2006, and I was running Office 2003 on it, so it’s nice having the latest software and the same stuff I’m using at work.  Heck, if I need to figure something out, now I can spend some time at home playing with it.

Saturday, my second new roommate moved in as well.  That really didn’t take much of my time other than helping him actually move boxes into the condo when he arrived.  He seems really nice, and since the other roommate and he are already friends, they’re getting along great.  They are both nice guys, and I think this is going to be a fun year with them as roommates.

Sunday was church and ultimate Frisbee, aka the usual.  I had to go buy an external CD drive on my way home from church; turns out many computer these days don’t come standard with them and yet I had software to install from my printer.  Spent some time playing around with that, but otherwise I pretty much lazed around between church and ultimate.

Monday, I buckled down and did all those things I intended to do earlier in the weekend.  Three reviews to write?  Wrote them all on Monday.  Reading?  Did that on Monday.  I got half of a book read – I was hoping to be close to finishing it by the end of the weekend.  And the movie I was going to watch?  That didn’t happen either.  I did go out to lunch with my roommates, which was nice.  And I spent a couple of hours hoping to play ultimate, but that fell through.  Heck, if I’d stayed home and read….

And here it is Tuesday and back at work.  So far, this crazy close seems to be rather slow.  I have a feeling the process will speed up toward the end of this week and most of next week, but I guess I’ll find out as it progresses.

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