Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for January 26th

Once Upon a Time - It was looking so good there for a few minutes.  I thought Regina might be strong.  But then Cora got to her with the truth that things with Henry will never go back to the way they were.  Trouble is coming big time.  Meanwhile, the stranger knows what is happening as well.  Oh, boy.

Castle - Surprisingly little about the on-going stories this week.  But it's a fun mystery that I'm a little surprised they hadn't done before.  It just screamed Castle to me.

White Collar - A case of the week that revolved around the overall story.  I wasn't surprised he wasn't the big bad when they took him down already.  Interested to see where this goes.  Oh, and I love it when Elizabeth gets involved in the case.

Arrow - Interesting twist with having Arrow and his sidekick at odds.  I liked it, however, especially with how they played out the reveal for both the characters.  Very nicely done.

Necessary Roughness - I actually felt sorry for TK.  Most of the time, he just annoys me.  And seeing Dani needing therapy herself was a nice touch.

Suits - My roommate and I have on-going discussions about how the characters treat Louis.  Personally, I think he deserves at least some of the abuse he gets.  But I liked how they played things this week, especially with Jessica standing up to Harvey.

Nikita - I knew they'd play off Michael's hand for a couple of weeks.  They had to.  But I really like how they are using it to explore and grow the characters.  Not saying that last bit wasn't heartbreaking, but I like the story they are telling.

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