Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running in 2013

Wow, we’re 22 days in the new year and I am finally talking about my running plans.

Fortunately, my running has been quite that bad.  I have been running, although only once a week plus ultimate Frisbee on the weekends.  My legs have been okay.  Not perfect, but better than they were the end of last year.  And it is issues that seem to be better when I run than if I don’t run.  Weird, I know.

And that’s a good thing since I am already signed up for several mud runs.  My roommate is doing all but one of them with me, too.  We’re doing two in April and two the same weekend in June.  There’s one in May we’ll most likely sign up for as well.  The one he isn’t joining me for is a second go at Tough Mudder.  I don’t think I’ll be the weak link in the team this time, but I need to train for it so that is definitely the case.

There will probably be some other runs along the way.  And there will definitely be more mud runs as the year progresses.

The race most on my mind right now is the Disneyland Half.  They’ve added a 10K to the weekend and a challenge to do both.  I am so tempted to sign up for both, but it would mean two very early mornings and two nights in hotels down there.  Not sure I should/could commit.  But it would be awesome to get the first medal for the 10K and the challenge.  Registration on this one opened today, so I need to decide soon.

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