Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for May 19th

A word of warning.  There be major spoilers ahead for season finales.  I'm mostly concerned about Nikita, which just aired last night, although there's a big one for Once Upon a Time as well.

Once Upon a Time - I can't believe they broke the curse.  Or did they?  The characters know who they are, but how do they get home?  And what is that purple smoke?  Lots of fun to come in season two, I am sure, but the fact that they resolved some other stuff makes me feel better about the show going forward that we won't get strung along forever with no resolution.

Survivor - I must have missed the drama at the final tribal counsel (doing other things) or it just wasn't there.  That was a nice break from things.  I'm glad Kim won because she certainly deserved to win.

Fairly Legal - Seeing Ben's ex-girlfriend actually made me see how he is changing.  That's pretty amazing if you ask me.  Do I like him?  Not really.  But I did feel a little sorry for him at times.  Meanwhile, I was glad to see Kate back winning her cases, and how complicated did this one get with the woman in hiding and the nurse who needed her as a witness.

Common Law - I loved it again.  Yes, the mystery was pretty by the books, but the interactions between them and with the doctor were pretty funny.  I really like her character, and I hope they find more ways to keep her in the story and not just the theropy sessions.

Nikita - I have to give them props for killer Percy.  You need to defeat the villain eventually or it just becomes stale.  Look at Heroes.  This was a huge step forward for the show, and I look forward to next season and Nikita and Ryan running division.  That will be an interesting mix.  Meanwhile, when Sean asked Alex for a date, I thought he was the one who was going to die.  Glad I was wrong because I love Nikita's little family.

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