Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly TV Recap - May 28th

Well, I think we're in that transition week between the traditional TV seasons and USA starting their shows up again.  Just look how short this post is.

In Plain Sight - What an episode. I even took a break part way through, and the final act still got to me. I feel sorry for the kid, although I must admit I understand the actions of the parents this time around. Yes, the father needed to do time for his crime, but they really did a good job of leaving the past behind them and turning their lives around. And I was fooled by the personal life story for a change. Never saw Jinx tricking the in-laws into paying for the wedding coming.

Dancing with the Stars - Hines wins, which is the first time a man has won in how long? I was actually surprised that Kirstie made it to second since she was so far behind after Monday night's show. And you know, this season really could have gone to half the cast. They had a pretty even playing field with lots of great talent. Great job everyone.

New TV on DVD:
Melissa & Joey - Season 1 Part 1

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