Friday, May 06, 2011

Double Digit Run Territory

I did it.  Wednesday, I crossed into double digit territory.

I actually did soemthing different and drove to my starting point.  I wanted to leave from about a mile and a half from my condo and run a route I'd read about that took me in a loop along several roads in town.  Again, I was running on a path that is close to traffic almost the entire way, but I will take it since I had to run very little of my route twice.

Since the route was only 9 miles, I started by running an extra half mile in the opposite dirrection.  I knew if I saved that extra half mile until the end, I wouldn't get it done.

And boy was I right.  After about two or three miles, I was really struggling with the run.  It seemed that every step was a struggle.  I was actually welcoming my stops at traffic signals as a chance to rest.

But I did it.  I managed to complete all 10 miles.

Unfortunately, I didn't check the time when I left, but I think I ran these 10 miles in a slightly faster per mile time than I did the 9 miles last week.  And that might have been part of my problem.  I do have to say I was out of it by the end of the night Wednesday and had an extra hard time getting up Thursday morning.

Boy have my legs been bothering me since then, however.  They are better today than yesterday, but they are a little sore and jumpy right now.  Last night at choir I was fine while we were standing or while we were sitting, but transitioning between the two was hard.  I jumped in the pool after choir, which certainly helped some.  Hopefully I'll have a little time to do that tonight, although it isn't looking good.

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